The New Security Environment

September 11th changed forever the way Americans view their security. No longer is terrorism something we see on television or read about in newspapers, it is here, on our shores. Government leaders and corporate managers now face a daunting task to first determine just what this threat looks like, and more importantly, what can they do about it. ASEC provides the skills and experienced professionals to answer these questions. Our seasoned security specialists, terrorist-options experts, and skilled engineers, examine threats, risks, and vulnerabilities, analyze them, model their impact, and develop, design, and implement proven methods to reduce risks and mitigate the impact should a terrorist attack occur. We provide answers, quantified and prioritized to give leaders the information they need to make sound decisions.

Evaluating All Threats

Outside of the military and other federal agencies, few leaders have concerned themselves with preparing and reacting to acts of terrorism. Now, the very real threat of massive casualties and destroyed operations faces virtually everyone, particularly those who represent our nation to the world, government, tourist, business, professional sports, entertainers, virtually everyone. Once the realization hits that "this means us," many leaders are left in an information vacuum, not knowing which threat to address, which attack scenario would cause serious damage. ASEC solves this for them...we look at all threats. By applying a systematic approach to analyzing the threat, risks, and vulnerabilities, we provide the basis for taking actions that make a difference.

Analysis and Recommendation

The ASEC services and approach are outlined in more detail by following the links on this site. It starts with gathering and analyzing data on client operations, procedures, and facilities and matching this information against capabilities demonstrated or possessed by terrorist groups committed to attacking our American way of life. We look at the client's facilities and operations from a terrorist's point of view, seeking weaknesses which could be exploited. This information is consolidated systematically and values are determined which allow us to rank the threats and vulnerabilities, providing an informed method for prioritizing action. The resulting recommendations are presented along with a cost estimate and an analysis of the impact if these recommendations are implemented by the client.

Implementing Solutions

The ASEC staff provides design-build or design and construction management services for solutions we recommend. Where electronic security systems are included in the recommendations, we offer to provide trained professionals to administer and monitor the system, or high quality training to prepare client employees for these critical tasks.